Youth Fitness

Youth Fitness


Southwest Florida Sports Camps

Our sports camps are intended for players of all skill levels ages 7-13. Skill training is used to develop ball mastery, 1v1 moves, change of direction moves and creativity with the ball. Players work on improving first touch and speed of play through competitive sessions. Speed and Finishing is designed to develop explosive speed in all soccer players. This is achieved through a specific set of drills and curriculum that uses technical soccer drills with speed and agility exercises. This form of training increases agility, speed of movement and functional soccer techniques. The players will then put the speed training to practice through different finishing exercises, which will create faster, more explosive soccer players. The players will put their skills to the test during game situations.

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Elite Junior Athletic Performance Training

Our elite junior programs take High School Athletes and turns them into well rounded elite athletes. Focusing on mobility, flexibility,agility, speed and explosive strength. All attendees will be given a full physical evaluation upon entry into the program and then reassessed every 2 months for progress.

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