Body Crafters Inc is a Private Fitness Training Studio. We offer private personal training, physical therapy and small group classes.
In-home and online personal training are also available, as well as local Country Clubs and Public Gyms in Naples, Florida. Our main goal is making gym and in home workouts fun and most importantly effective!!

  • Sport Specific Training (Golf, Track, Football, Basketball, Tennis, etc.)
  • Physical Therapy (Medicare and major insurances)
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Group Fitness

Body Crafters Inc also is equipped with a team of TPI-Certified Golf Fitness Instructors, who will develop a fitness program that will reduce physical limitations and build on strong fitness points. The TPI Fitness program is a successful program utilized by numerous tour professionals and golfers around the world.
Strong golf performance begins with a strong body. Your body ultimately determines distance, accuracy, and consistency in the golf game. Body Crafters conducts a complete fitness analysis to help identify physical areas that may be limiting one’s golf game. Participants will receive a complete fitness plan with golf-specific exercises, focusing on the fundamental swing mechanics and the physical demands of golf. A customized fitness agenda will be created to meet individuals’ needs, resolve shortcomings, and enhance strengths. The program will focus on eliminating pain and postural faults, in efforts to restore the physical condition necessary for complete performance and injury prevention. Participants will develop a heightened body awareness that will result in increased range of motion, improved posture, enhanced coordination, better balance, increased flexibility, added endurance, superior strength, and more power.